Unconventional Workouts that Improve Overall Health

Fitness is a growing trend thanks to campaigns that promote it. Gyms are sprouting out in different, fitness classes are held in more convenient places, and the internet contains a lot of information that can help people to get started with it.

A lot of the things being taught in these places are commonly known exercises and workouts for aspiring individuals that want to get fit. For men, it is usually weightlifting and sports. For women, most of them try aerobics and dancing.

These types of workouts are great foundations for fitness that will give people the results they desire and that is to get fit. However, they have limitations in terms of how it can improve the human physique.

It isn’t just about hitting plateaus, but something much deeper that involves the stimulation of the human body. Since common exercises have been identified to give a limited stimuli, a search for unconventional workouts has started.

They may involve the use of different workout materials, the introduction of a new exercise concept, or some other ideas that trainers and fitness experts come up with. Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, or a normal person who trains when you get the chance to try these workouts you can expect something from an unorthodox change-up to really bizarre practices.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Mixed martial arts, workoutThis sport involves most of the martial arts disciplines being used in a fighting game between two athletes. The severe workout sessions that MMA Fighters undergo have been known to challenge and improve a lot of areas in the body.

MMA’s worldwide recognition and ever-growing fan base has pushed a lot of individuals to learn it. Even ex-athletes have gone into the sport after their career stopped or was cut short. Some have even had success in becoming a professional fighter like Matt Mitrione in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Other pros have tried to incorporate MMA in their training regimens because they want to become a more tenacious player. It has been well-documented that those who train under a MMA program will develop their endurance and stamina. Roy Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers is the most popular athlete to have reportedly used MMA-based workouts during his off-season training.

Isokinetic Workouts

This is a relatively new concept that was born inside Sport Science Laboratories. unconventional workoutIt has been defined to be a type of exercise that promotes constant training movement despite applying changes in the resistance.

Developing fast and powerful muscles is the main goal of these workouts. It makes individuals more explosive because of the quicker muscle reaction and better balance. When you look at how these exercises are performed, it mimics the movements done in sports and other regular movements which means it can vary from individual to individual depending on the goals.


This is a new craze proliferated by social media where you see parkour experts running through streets, jumping off buildings, and climbing over walls in a fluid motion. It is very impressive to look at which is why a lot of people want to try it out.new workout, unconventional workouts

People who practice this discipline are essentially acrobats that develop similar skills to use it in their unique ways. The sport requires a considerable level of fitness to be able to do it right. And if you’re able to do it, you’ll notice a big leap in what you can do. Imagine running over obstacles with ease.

These are just some examples of the workout you can try out for yourself. You don’t need to be an athlete to start with the basics of these unconventional workouts. Just remember that your fitness goal is to break through plateaus and find something enjoyable that motivates you to keep doing it.

How Reflexology Benefits You

Many people equate reflexology with massage. They are partially right because it does involve massaging of body parts but it has a much deeper concept that makes it a unique and effective therapy for any one that tries it out.

The origin of reflexology dates back thousands of years in the Great Egyptian Civilization as evidenced by the inscriptions found in pyramids. However, this practice is mostly identified with the Chinese and how they conceptualized that both your hands and feet are connected to the other parts of your body.

reflexology benefits

This is the connection practitioners use to allow patients to heal the body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system through the reflex zones. Using this method they are able to provide relief and improve overall health.

Specifically, reflexology gives you benefits like:

  1. Lower stress levels – A stressed person is more vulnerable to diseases because it affects his immune system due to the fatigue he/she experiences, disturbed body chemistry, and a loss in mental strength. After undergoing a reflexology session, the body comes out relaxed and rested which means that stress has been alleviated. The Qi (life energy) flow is more fluid delivering good energy to the entire body allowing it to heal itself. Once this balance is achieved, the person’s health is visibly improved.

  2. Better blood flow – The circulatory system is the one responsible for distributing oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood to all the different parts of the body. It also collects all the waste from all the organs and directs it to the excretory system for it to be expelled. Stress is one of the biggest reasons why this system doesn’t run efficiently. With reflexology’s ability to reduce stress, it consequently helps the distribution of blood to be easier because the arteries and veins get to relax.

  3. Stimulating the nervous system – When reflexology practitireflexology massageoners apply pressure on the reflex zones, they are actually coming into contact with the thousands and thousands of nerves found in this zone. Using the proper technique, what happens is the connections between these nerves are repaired making it better. Pain relief is also experienced because the pain receptors are stimulated in such a way that it stops sending signals.

  4. Build up body defenses – Your lymphatic system is in-charge of fighting bacteria and viruses that may infect your cell. Through reflexology, it’s going to be considerably better with toxin-removal, higher endorphin levels, and a much more active defense system. Once this happens, patients will feel about their body.

  5. Higher Energy Levels – The revitalization process starts once your reflexology session begins. With the flow of energy running well and your chi harmonious, you’ll get enough vital energy in each part of your body to function well.

With all of its different benefits, reflexology is said to be a key in achieving natural balance from within. It can be paired with other types of therapy to accelerate the healing process of the body. Even though it doesn’t have any scientific proof on how it exactly improves ones health, the most important thing is that it works.